On Target Ads

With your SEO team, we use Google Ads to test messaging

  • ALM writes A/B landing pages to help you determine your highest conversion keywords
  • We also pen A/B landing pages to test your "calls-to-action"
  • We don't marry your words, we get you copy that you can measure, we then rewrite and you measure again...until we KNOW that conversions are optimal.

We help identify best trade magazines to place your ad dollars

  • Our bias is for ads in tested reputable trade media
  • Bias aside, we live by measure, measure, measure.
  • We use your pen power–B2B Editorial–to find your A+ places for ads 
  • If a publication you advertise in never publishes your editorial we will find out why and tell you.  You may be surprised by their answer.  Want an example?  Call +773-862-6800.

Of course we can write your ad copy!

  • Frankly, the visuals of calls-to-action often matter more
  • Writing ad copy is very easy for us-- we'll get you many options, you choose
  • Easy?  A lot easier than penning a 30+ page highly technical white paper!

Call +773 862 6800 to see ALM samples for your industry