Trade Media

The newest blog or an older trade publication?

Your choice...

  • ALM's bias: pick B2B technical trade media that pick up where school leaves off
  • Bias aside, let's test everything before we spend a lot of time on it
  • Leads are easy to measure; global branding is relatively inferred

Uh-oh...that blog is a garbage pail content farm site with content dripped in for gray/black hat SEO? Let ALM help steer you away from out-of-date web marketing myths that will ultimately hurt you.

With a quarter of century of PR experience-- we help you choose

ALM believes in constant mid-course corrections driven by data, not fads.

  • When a published message gets you business, let's place ads there a.s.a.p.
  • When a media ad brings you quality leads, let's devote time to editorial there.
  • Why are you blogging on Facebook with no return?
  • The strategy we develop for your PR will start by looking at your good data.

Global B2B company blogs and tweets

Will not hurt... Hard data on how they help is still hard to find.

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