Email Measures

Email campaigns–high opens, high click-thrus

  • ALM helps source media email lists for rent or purchase
  • Often we use published editorial for your email campaigns
  • For many different market targets, we write many distinct email versions
  • We suggest you test letters with zero formatting.  Ask us why +773 862 6800.

We mine all that good email data for insights on better messaging

  • Open rates, click throughs and  more–-we love data from email tests
  • If repeat business figures large, we emphasize email tests over Google Ad tests
  • We'll show you the superiority of "news you can use" copy with data

We make sure you hit the right technical tone

  • ALM will help you de-jargon right from the start
  • Want to send regular technical engineering briefs by email? Doable.
  • Want something more controversial and attention getting?  Doable.
  • We make sure your email data informs all communication tools

What about using the post to send real mail?


  • Let's start with small tests to gage returns before a big postage buy
  • It is one way to cut through the information overload
  • We help find artists who can make your mailers stand-outs

Call +773 862 6800 to see ALM samples for your industry