Global Branding

We’ll make sure that keyword-rich communications reach your prospects worldwide.

Are you like a would-be Hollywood starlet waiting to be discovered?

Whether they realize it or not, many would-be global marketers are not doing much more than sitting pretty and waiting.

  • They sell globally but have only one country domain and no global PR
  • They ignore the realities of places where online still doesn't matter much
  • They are unaware of search engines' bias to return more local results
  • Or they suffer "Field of Dreams–Build it and they will come" delusions

Get hip to "Local Search" = Getting hip to Global PR's value

  • It's easy to find the local restaurant; not so easy to find the world's best highly engineered gizmo
  • A multilingual website in one country is barely visible worldwide
  • Google ads?–essential for message testing but flawed for global market education
  • Reputable technical trade media?–unbeatable for global visibility

ALM will get your story told in the media where your prospects live

  • We know how to clone and spread effective editorial worldwide
  • A+ publications?  Yes.
  • Data often shows A's to be B's and B's to be A's.  We measure.
  • We point your pen and ad dollars with an eye to return–always

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