Powered by AI

Why "AI" (Artificial Intelligence)? You see more.

More than a decade ago, smart machines powered by AI were able to find early signs of cervical cancer that the most highly trained radiologists could not see.

 AI tools  bring similar foresight to your marketing PR. 

ALM's math-powered PR guides your path to more market share.

We put you on a systematic path to higher and higher marketing ROI.

Even more advantage comes by using human intelligence with AI

ALM is your experienced ally already up-to-speed on how most B2B niches work.

If your company also has a data-based mindset you will love ours too.
ALM knows that math matters.— You get more lead and more sales.  

We know what we are doing we give guarantees.

We steer you clear of out-of-date SEO

Ask us for tips on how we spot dumb-luck-at-best SEO. 

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