ALM specializes in taking engineering, science and math-related content down a notch or two to help translate topics into technically accurate but highly accessible content.  Most of the time we help your engineering team’s expertise be explained to fellow engineers who have a more general focus.

Below is a short list of topics that we have ghostwritten articles, blogs, white papers, and technical bulletins on in the last quarter century.  For these or other samples, please call +773 862 6800.


Applications Engineering

  • Matching laser cutters to label converting requirements
  • Technology Selection–Comparing Pros and Cons of Two Modalities


  • medtechinsider–”Finding the Worm in Apples-to-Apples Comparisons”
  • Calibration and Measurement Drift: Blog


Manufacturing Engineering

  • Product Innovations Discussed through Grid of Technology Comparisons
  • Discussion of Automated Inspection Technology
  • Technology Comparison by Company Providing Both Technologies

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