Math Matters

ALM uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence tools

You put your marketing dollars where they have high return.

You gain market share that less math-enabled competitors can't grasp.

We love data

We like measures of success. We especially love measures like:

  • Competitor A can be overtaken quickly by adjusting X, Y, Z in web copy
  • X communication tool led to Y inquiries that in turn led to Z sales
  • Publication A generated Z leads while Publication B created ZZ leads

Data steers -- and you gain market share year after year.

No flavor-of-the-minute marketing fads-- just RESULTS.

If your company lives by data too, you'll love math-powered PR

Want to see a sample of how math powered PR might re-shape your marketing?

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We'll use the math tools that will matter most to your success.

  • Every company is in its own unique competitive landscape on and off the web
  • ALM marries math with common sense
  • We point your pen power and ad dollars where ROI is highest

No cookie cutter "best practices" lists meant for all but not for you.

We make sure your marketing spends get smarter and smarter.

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